Wella Class Artist November 10th

Timothy Jerome Walker


Timothy Jerome Walker, an award winning artist and Design Team Member, has had the privilege of being behind the chair as an accomplished hair color specialist, cutting designer and stylist, and platform artist for over 25 years. Timothy and his work have been featured in top trade and fashion magazines and on national television. He has trained nationally and internationally and has achieved a diverse and comprehensive background that includes editorial and celebrity styling, videos and TV commercials, salon work, traveling extensively as a performing artist, and working for global leaders in the beauty industry as a salon and school educator and consultant. In addition, he has worked with research and development alongside chemists, in the testing, evaluating, and development of hair color and hair care products for worldwide markets.  He as a mentor to many, maintains the philosophy that no matter what assignment he is on, he needs to make it about the customer, adapting what he does to the unique attitudes, emotions and forms of expression of who they are.

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